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Combine the Computing Power of Laptop Computer with the Portability WIFI, GPS and Apps Market of Smart Phone with a New Windows 7 or Android Electronic Tablet PC. We offer the Best Deals on the Internet for the Latest Android and Windows 7 Tablets on Sale at Cheap Discount Prices.

Your computer and Internet is a big part of your daily life. However, whether running errands, traveling, doing something friends or anything else you are often on the go and away from your home or office PC. Your life would be a lot simpler if you could have access to your files and the Internet wherever you go. You could use your laptop PC, but it is big, bulky and heavy. Your smart phone is portable and provides wifi, Internet, gaming, and some files, but it can't provide day to day computer functions such as word processing and lack the computing power of a pc or laptop.

Electronic tablet computers are the perfect solution and a lot cheaper than you make think. Tablets allow you to have your files, digital media, gaming, and internet access from anywhere. Have the ability to perform common computing tasks and provide the computing power of Microsoft Windows 7 PC in sleek, stylish, lightweight and easy to carry frame.  Unlike laptops that are big and bulky and smart phones that do not feel or perform like real computers tablets provide the best of both; combining the portability of a smart phone with the computing power of a Microsoft Windows 7 pc. Tablets also have access to the Windows 7 and Android market where you can find an app for almost anything.

When purchasing a new tablet computer it is important that you choose the best tablet for you. There are three common tablet operating systems for sale. The Android system, derived from cell phones, and expanded for tablets. Windows tablets, that have functions identical to a Windows PC, and the MAC IOS for the iPad. Android tablets newest and best platform, the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, builds on the things people like most about Android tablet PCs. They have added powerful new ways of communicating and sharing. Android Tablet users can even enter handwritten information into the Android Tablet computer directly on the screen.  This information can be saved and attached to reports and folders stored in the system. These sleek new android computer tablets allow other devices to be "plugged" into your system through a usb port, wifi Internet tethering or even the headphone jack and have GPS that allows you to always know where you are and where you are going. These are just a few of the cool new features found in the new Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” Tablets.

Windows tablets use the same Windows 7 operating system as any Microsoft laptop or PC computer you grew up, and have all the same cool features as the best new Android Tablets. Apple tablets or iPads use the Mac computer operating system that is completely different from what you are used to and are hugely expensive for the amount of computing power and features you get. Not only do the best Windows and Android tablets use the Microsoft Window’s 7 operating system and Internet browsing you already know, they are also a lot cheaper that Apple Tablets and are just as sleek, stylish and provide as much or more computing power. Windows tablets and Android tablets come in a variety of different sizes and amounts of computing power. Whether you are a gamer, using your electronic tablet computer for communication with friends, or work, watching movies, or anything else there is a new Android or Windows 7 Tablet PC perfect for you.

When buying a windows 7 or Android tablet you might be drawn to the purchase of a brand name. Normally a good strategy, but the best and latest non-name brand tablet PCs are manufactured in the same plants, by the same manufacturing companies, use the same industry standard components and manufacturing specifications but at much cheaper discount prices. You are literally getting the same Windows 7 or Android tablet, made by the same parts and in the same place just without the brand name.  This allows you to save money and get the best most powerful tablet computer possible for your budget.

Here at DKAB, we offer the best deals on the best Android and Windows 7 Tablet PCs including the new Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 systems as well. We have done the homework for you and found the best non-name brand Windows 7 and Android tablets with the same functions and computing power as the name brand tablets at a much cheaper discount price. No matter what type of Windows 7 or Android tablet computer you are looking for we have the best Tablet PC for you and the information you need to be sure you get the best one on sale at a cheap discount price.

Being an Internet based consumer electronics store without the expensive inventory or operating costs of traditional computer electronics stores we are able to pass these discounts on to you. This allows us to offer the best Windows 7, and Android Tablet computers on the Internet at cheap discount sale prices every day. Our goal is to make it easy and affordable for you to find and buy the best Windows 7 or Android tablet for you and feel confident knowing you got the best tablet and the best deal.  If you have any questions about any of our Tablet PCs please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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