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Get Pro Studio and Movie Theater Surround Sound at Home with High End Stereo/Replacement TV Speakers.  We offer Great Information and the Best HI FI Home Audio Speakers for Sale at Big Discount Prices.

 When heading to the movie theater or to a concert one of the main reasons you buy the tickets is for that pro theater/concert quality sound. The regular speakers on your TV or stereo do not come anywhere close to pro theater audio or concert quality sound you deserve in your home. Having high end quality professional speakers to go along with the rest of your home theater and stereo equipment is the only way to get this pro theater quality surround sound at home.
Finding the best studio quality speakers for your home theater or stereo system might feel like a game of roulette with too many options to consider. If you are a casual listener, almost any of the studio quality speakers for sale below will serve you well. For the discerning audio lover, however, the difference between these home theater/stereo speakers may seem like night and day, because each produces a unique audio sound. Therefore, the question is not “which home theater or stereo speaker system is the best,” but rather, “which speaker is the best for me and my home theater or stereo?” With some care you can find the best discount home theater speakers while avoiding the expensive high end price. Below are some tips to help you find the best studio quality speakers for your home theater and stereo system.

Do you crave deep bass and clear highs? Human hearing spans frequencies as low as 20 Hz and as high as 20,000 Hz. For the most immersive home theater experience, choose a pro quality speaker that spans this range as much as possible. Individual stereo speakers cannot adequately cover the high and low frequencies at once, so surround sound systems are typically composed of four speaker classes: tweeters for the highs, mid-range speakers for sounds like human speech, woofers for lows and subwoofers to rattle the windows with heart-pounding bass. The best home theater and stereo speakers cover these four ranges without losing any detail, but you'll want to make sure there are no frequency gaps between the surround sound stereo speakers and the subwoofer.

Select a magnetically shielded studio quality speaker this will protect your TV from potential damage from speaker magnets. The best speakers will also come with a sturdy enclosure. Manufacturers like to add features like passive radiators (which resemble additional speakers but do not produce actual sound) to increase visual appeal. Although passive radiators can improve sound quality, don't mistake them for actual speaker drivers.

Sound Clarity
Nobody wants to dump a hefty wad of cash into a TV surround sound system that sounds unrealistic. The best high end home theater stereo speakers are crisp, clear and well balanced. They fill a room and reproduce the original sound stage as much as possible. When that tyrannosaurus comes thundering up from behind, you should know.

Ease of Installation
When you are finally ready to bust out your new home theater speakers, you won't want to waste time sifting through a massive setup process. Most new pro quality speaker systems are wireless and extremely simple to set up. If the speakers are not wireless, look at the connectors when making your decision. Ideally you have a simple banana plug push in, if not then you have to use an adaptor or splice into the old one.

Although studio quality speaker systems generally enjoy a long lifespan relative to other electronics, make certain your speakers come with a warranty. Most home theater and stereo speakers come with a five-year warranty on labor and parts. This generally does not cover the subwoofer unless stated explicitly.
Here at our online speaker store we offer a great selection of the best new home theater and pro quality stereo speakers for sale at cheap discount prices. Because we are an online home speaker store we do not have the operating costs of traditional specialty speaker systems/home audio stores. These savings are passed to you allowing us to offer the best pro quality home theater and new studio quality stereo speakers on sale cheap discount prices every day. Regardless of your budget or the type of new home theater or replacement stereo speakers you are looking for we will have the best hi fi speakers for sale at a cheap discount price you can afford.

All of our speaker systems are either wireless of extremely simple to connect to your home theater or audio system, are magnetically shielded, and have some of the industry’s best warranties. We proud to offer each and every one of the home speakers systems we have for sale. We have made our speaker’s page easy to browse through and provide the information you need, whether for a new purchase or a replacement. We make it easy and affordable for you to find and buy the best speakers for you and your home theater or stereo system. If you have any questions about any of our new pro quality home theater or stereo speakers for sale please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you. E-mail us at
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