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  Score a flat screen HDTV without paying a tremendous price. Sanyo HDTVs come in both LCD and Plasma and are a great value in both price and performance. We have the best flat panel HDTVs at prices you can afford  

You went to the mall and saw flat screen televisions in the department store. You really want one but the $1000 price scares you. You don’t have to break your budget to enjoy blockbuster HD television entertainment. Not with Sanyo LCD and Plasma HDTV. This value-packed line of Sanyo HDTV has sizes from 19 inches, for the kid’s bedroom, up to 60 inches for the family room. Sanyo TVs look great and work well in any room of the house. See increased detail and depth of the images on your TV screen with Sanyo’s impressive contrast ratios. Do it all with the assurance of famous Sanyo quality and reliability. Want more memorable entertainment for your money? Sanyo delivers.

You want to know about Sanyo. As one of the oldest Japanese electronics firms, almost any one you know has had a Sanyo product, Sanyo makes nearly everything. For those looking for an inexpensive alternative to the high-end plasma television, Sanyo may interest you. Sanyo has impressive contrast ratios and low power consumption.
For example, the Sanyo DP50741 flat panel HDTV is Energy Star certified. It has all the necessary built-in tuners (ATSC, QAM, NTSC) to receive both analog and digital signals, but only uses 134 watts when in operation. The best aspect of this Sanyo plasma TV is the contrast ratio. Contrast ratio represents the difference between the brightest white the display can produce and the deepest black. The larger the difference between the two numbers, the better the contrast on the screen will be. This means this Plasma HDTV at under $500 has an amazing picture which has to be seen to be believed. 

The Sanyo line compares favorably with many of the other brand TV companies. A big market exists for lower cost TVs that have a decent picture. Sanyo HDTV is one of the best options if you are concerned about price. Whatever your need or wants, we have a flat screen HDTV for you.

 At DKAB, we have the best Sanyo flat screen LCD and Plasma HD flat panel televisions at amazing low discount prices. Our prices may be cheap but the equipment is top rated and the best available in this price range. We are an online HDTV store which allows us to avoid the costs of brick and mortar stores. We pass these savings on to you. Compare the features, specifications and price and choose the HDTV best for you.  Sanyo TVs are a great option for simple, basic uses and the price is definitely right.
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