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LCD and LED Televisions are the best option for flat screen TVs.  We have the top brands and a large selection of different sizes, from small 15 inch to 50 inches plus. No matter which technology you favor, we have the top rated brands at low discount prices.

Today, everyone wants a new flat screen television. Every merchant offers deals on the best flat screen TVs. The advertising is confusing. What exactly is the difference between LCD and LED televisions systems? LED TV is a bit of a misnomer but as manufacturers and retailers continue to use the term, it makes it's way into the public conscience and is worth explaining the differences. LED televisions are really just LCD televisions that use LED lights for back lighting instead of the florescent CFL lighting traditionally used for LCDs. Both employ the liquid crystal diode (LCD) technology front panel containing the “twisting crystals” which define LCD technology. LED TVs feature two main forms of back lighting, edge lighting and local dimming. Edge lighting has LEDs around the edge of the panel and this allows for extremely thin construction.

Advances in LED technology allows them to be manufactured in very small sizes so even local dimming back lighting LED TVs can have a very thin depth. Local dimming back lighting features banks of LED lights behind the panel and these can be controlled to lower the amount of back lighting in the dark areas of the screen and raise it in bright areas for higher contrast and better blacks. Some will find the contrast better on LED TVs, but not all buyers can see this difference. Which is the best for you? It’s really a matter of choice, although LED TVs are often a bit more expensive. No matter which technology you favor, we have the best, top rated at the lowest discount prices. We have the top brands and a large selection of different sizes, 15 to 36 inches, eye pleasing 40 to 48 inch and the monster 50 inch plus. Whatever your budget and size needs, we have the top rated, best buy television for you. Browse through the site and see the offerings, comparing the size, refresh rates, contrast ratios, and features available.

Because we are on line television retailer, we avoid the extra costs of brick and mortar stores and we pass these savings on to you in the form of the lowest possible discount price. Our TVs have cheap prices, but they are of the highest quality and come with full manufacturer’s warranty. You can shop with confidence that our site is secure and certified. Your personal information is safeguarded and only used to process your order. 
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