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Emerson TVs

Get a great HDTV without hurting your budget. A midsize HDTV from Emerson will save you money and give you the picture you deserve. Everyday cheap, low discount prices on all TVs

You know you want an HDTV. You can shop for a great TV you can afford without hurting your budget. A midsize HDTV may be just the thing you’re looking for. Perhaps you need a smaller flat screen television for the bedroom or the kid's room, Today's economy is tough but we all still want a flat screen television that looks good. The answer lies in an inexpensive Emerson HDTV that isn't cheaply made but still easy on the wallet. Why EMERSON's line of LCD HDTVs?

Who makes Emerson Televisions? Emerson is an old name in Consumer Electronics.  For years Emerson radio was an industry leader .In 2000, after bankruptcy, they granted exclusive license for television production to the Funai Electric Company Limited, a Japanese consumer electronics firm created in the early 1960s. The Funai Corporation is an auxiliary company located in the United States, which sells Funai-produced electronics like Emerson, Magnavox, Phillips and Sylvania. Aside from selling directly to the consumer through the Funai Corporation, Funai manufacture products such as televisions, home entertainment systems, video recorders and players for other companies like Sharp and Toshiba. Dell and Lexmark even have the Funai Electric Company create their printers and Kodak has them produce their digital cameras. Emerson’s line of televisions from 19in to 42in, most reviewers talk about liking televisions from all brands, but Emerson usually comes out on top in terms of styling and overall aesthetic appeal. The Emerson line compares favorably with many of the other brand TV companies. A big market exists for lower cost TVs that have a decent picture. Emerson TV is one of the best options if you are concerned about price or if you are maybe just looking for a second TV that can be viewed in other areas of your house where the smaller size fits in well. Whatever your need or wants, we have a flat screen HDTV for you.

 At DKAB, we have the best Emerson flat screen LCD/LED HD televisions at amazing low discount prices. Our prices may be cheap but the equipment is top rated and the best available in this price range. We are an online HDTV store which allows us to avoid the costs of brick and mortar stores. We pass these savings on to you. Compare the features, specifications and price and choose the HDTV best for you.  Emerson TV’s are a great option for simple, basic uses and the price is definitely right.
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