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Your music or home theater experience is all about the strength and clarity of the sound. The right amplifier, matched to your speakers, will turn your home into a concert hall. We have the best stereo amplifier for you at the lowest possible discount price

If you are a true audiophile, it is all about the strength and clarity of the sound. Whatever we listen to, we want the concert hall sound. When we think of music and sound for the home, we want power, clarity and fullness. Whether it is music or a movie playing on our home system, we want it to sound like a theater or concert hall. When evaluating sound, most people think of their speakers, but unless those speakers are driven by the right amplifier, then they will sound weak or even distorted. The answer is to match the speakers to the amplifier. The hi fi home stereo amplifier, popularly known as an amp, is what really determines how the audio sounds. A home stereo amplifier increases the power of a signal. This drives your system over its full range and provides that concert hall sound. We have on sale only the sell only the Technical Pro line of home stereo amplifiers. They are an industry standard for amateurs and professionals alike. A Technical PRO amp will upgrade any system an d it will reliably serve you for many years to come. Many of these units integrate the function of a Stereo receiver and an amplifier, thereby saving you money and upgrading your system at the very same time.  Whether you are replacing a component or designing your very own home system, Technical Pro is for you.

If you want concert hall sound a best quality new stereo amplifier will provide the power necessary, whether for music or for home theater. Match it carefully to a set of speakers and the sound will be pure, crisp and clear, enhancing your experience.  Your new digital amplifier, whether stand alone or integrated with a receiver will deliver that sound and please everyone who listens to it.

Some things to consider when comparing home audio amplifiers are:
The gain of a home audio amplifier is the ratio of output to input power. It is usually measured in decibels. For example, an audio amplifier with a gain given as 20 dB will have a power gain of 100 if the input and output impedances were identical. If two equivalent amplifiers are being compared, the amplifier with higher gain settings would be more sensitive as it would take less input signal to produce a given amount of power.
The bandwidth of a stereo amplifier is the range of frequencies for which the amplifier gives "satisfactory performance". The definition of "satisfactory performance" may be different for different applications. However, a common and well-accepted metric is the half power points (i.e. frequency where the power goes down by half its peak value) on the output vs. frequency curve. Therefore bandwidth can be defined as the difference between the lower and upper half power points.  Cheap amplifiers may have great variations in frequency response.
An ideal amplifier would be a totally linear device, but real amplifiers are only linear within limits. When the signal drive to the amplifier is increased, the output also increases until a point is reached where some part of the amplifier becomes saturated and cannot produce any more output; this is called clipping, and results in distortion.
This is a measure of how much noise is introduced in the amplification process. Noise is an undesirable but inevitable product of the electronic devices and components; also, much noise results from intentional economies of manufacture and design time.

All of our stereo equipment is easy to install with simple connectors to your stereo system. This makes adding to your home audio system a snap. Here at DKAB we have the best stereo hi fi amplifiers for sale at low discount prices. Our prices may be cheap but the equipment is top rated and the best available in this price range. We are an online amplifier store which allows us to avoid the costs of brick and mortar stores. We pass these savings on to you. If you have questions or need advice, email us at
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